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Our Story

Our Story


Our Vision

HAMI’s dream is bigger than fashion. It’s about celebrating the freedom of being a woman and building an inclusive culture.

Turkish Textile Brief History

The history of textile production in Turkey goes back to the Ottoman period. During the 16th century, when the Ottoman Empire was at its peak, the textile industry and the development of weaving reached its pinnacle, much like the economic and political spheres. The Ottoman sultans began to wear robes and kaftans composed of the most expensive fabrics, with gold and silver metallic threads added to silk textiles. The fact that until the end of the empire the Ottoman industry heavily relied on the textile industry was a clear indication of the importance of the sector.

Having rapidly developed in the 20th century, a great textile production capacity was created in Turkey between the years 1923-1962. The extensive growth of the cotton in Turkey, the most important raw material of the textile industry, was further contributed to the development of the textile sector during the following years.

Nowadays, Turkey ranks among Top 10 Exporting Countries of Textile and Apparel Industry. Textile and Apparel industry of Turkey has an important role in world textile trade with the capability to meet the high standard and a broad range of products. The export value of Turkey textile industry has reached a value of USD 27.56 Bn. Turkey is booming the textile and apparel industry with amazing design capacity, hi-tech solutions, dynamic and flexible production capacity.

 Hami's Story

 After moving here to NZ as a fashion business owner, Hami wasted no time in observing and immersing herself into the NZ fashion industry. She believed that there was an obvious gap in the market for variety and contemporary brands offered at a great quality and an accessible price for everyone.

 Hami has used all her fashion knowledge to select Turkish brands which are high-end and designed for today's women. Turkish fabrics, prints and designs are considered one of the worlds best apparel resources, so with that in mind HAMI was created. These pieces will become wardrobe staples as well as statement pieces that fit perfectly for the NZ and Australian’s relaxed fashion culture, while also injecting a refreshing take from Istanbul.

 HAMI’s mission is to bring the quality and sophistication of the Turkish pioneer brands and become an essential to NZ and Australian women’s everyday wardrobe.


-Hami xx